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Academy of Model Aeronautics Grants and Scholarships

Flying Site Improvement Grant (FSIG) (Currently Closed)

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and AMA Foundation are committed to supporting its members through philanthropy. The Flying Site Improvement Grant program provides funding for AMA chartered clubs that have made improvements or are making improvements to their flying sites. We understand that well-maintained flying sites promote satisaction among hobbyists, club visibility to the public, community engagement, aviation education, and safety.

Through the FSIG program, the AMA will contribute 25% of total project costs - with a minimum contribution of $100 and a maximum contribution of $3,000 - to clubs that are improving their flying sites and demonstrating their club's commitment to AMA's mission statement: To promote, advance, and safeguard model aviation as a hobby, sport, and educational tool.

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Take Off and Grow (TAG) Grant (Currently Closed)

Do you want to introduce model aviation to your friends and neighbors and receive local recognition and financial benefits in return? If you answered "yes," then you'll want to know more about AMA's Take Off and Grow Grant.

Developed to encourage our members and clubs to promote modeling as a positive recreational activity to those in their communities, TAG was the first of several programs implemented by AMA in 2007. Intended primarily to welcome the general public to aeromodeling, TAG provides a one-day extensive introduction of model aviation with the intent of drawing new people into the model aviation hobby.

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Club Recognition and Reward Grant

The Academy of Model Aeronautics encourages clubs across the country to take part in events and serve the community in ways that will entice community members to learn more about the hobby of model aviation. Becoming a vital part of your community will help your club build your membership and inspire others, including the youth in your community. To encourage clubs to promote model aviation, the AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage.

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Disaster Relief Grant

At the October 2005 Executive Council Meeting at AMA HQ in Muncie, Indiana, the Executive Council approved a new program designed to grant immediate financial assistance to AMA chartered clubs that have flying sites damaged by a natural disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, flooding, firestorm, etc. The grant is designed to assist clubs in clearing debris and/or making repairs so that the field is once again accessible and usable by club members. It is not designed to pay for repairs to structures or facilities that were not affected by the natural disaster.

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Charles H. Grant Scholarship Program

The AMA is proud to assist aeromodeling high school and college students with their pursuit of academic success through the Charles H. Grant Scholarship Program. Approximately $40,000 is available in endowments and scholarships that are distributed in various amounts on the basis of AMA modeling activities, scholastic, and citizenship achievement.

Additional support for the AMA Scholarship Program comes from the Toledo Weak Signals Club award given each year to the top three scholarship award recipients. Awards are annually available to the individuals with the best competitive record, a high level of involvement in the hobby of model aviation, as well as an applicant currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.

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For questions regarding grants, please contact:

Rachelle Haughn

Donor and Programs Specialist


(765)287-1256, ext. 221


For questions regarding scholarships, please contact:

Kyle Thede

Education Specialist


(800)435-9262, ext. 517