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Take off And Grow Grant Overview (Closed)

Do you want to introduce model aviation to your friends and neighbors and receive local recognition and financial benefits in return? If you answered "yes'" then you'll want to know more about AMA's Take off And Grow (TAG) program.

Developed to encourage our members and clubs to promote modeling as a positive recreational activity to those in their communities, TAG was the first of several programs implemented by AMA in 2007. Intended primarily to welcome the general public to aeromodeling, TAG provides a one-day extensive introduction of model aviation with the intent of drawing new people into the model aviation hobby.

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Quick Reference:

Application Available:
Sunday, October 1, 2023

Final Application Deadline:
Thursday, February 1, 2024

Award Announced:
May 2024 

Maximum Award Amount:

Rachelle Haughn 

Donor and Programs Specialist


(765) 287-1256, ext. 221



AMA chartered clubs and chapters are eligible to apply under the following guidelines. Awards are made to an AMA club or chapter which, will also assume responsibility for the filling of all program reports with the AMA Education Department, as outlined below. Each organization awarded a grant must agree to the following:

  • To provide a detailed write up of the success of the event, both including a photographic record of the highlights of the project.
  • To provide a general accounting of the expenditure of project funds and a statement concerning the planned expenditure of any unexpended project funds.
  • To retain any equipment purchased with AMA funds as property of the sponsoring organization or a local AMA club.
  • To allow the AMA to distribute and/or promote the project information through its membership services.

How TAG Works

If your club is selected to receive a TAG Model Aviation Day grant, the AMA will provide up to $1,000 to use to set up your program. At the end of the event, items purchased are your club's to keep as AMA's way of saying "thanks for helping out."

Remember, too, that the rewards are more than just the things listed above. Hosting a TAG Model Aviation Day is a great way to reach out to your community to give it a taste of a family-oriented recreational activity that all of us enjoy so much. In addition, you'll be creating positive relationships with your neighbors that wuite often can help when the time comes to keep or acquire new flying sites.

As with all of our developing programs, the AMA wants to provide the tools local clubs need to ensure the popularity of their hobby. It will require the cooperation of many to make it a success. Achieving that success will make our already wonderful hobby even better.

Submitting Your Application

Final applications must be submitted through the online application form by Thursday, February 1, 2024. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

Applications must be submitted by one club member who has been appointed by the club president. Each section of the grant application must be complete for the application to be eligible for committee review. 


Grant Review Process 

The grant review begins in February and ends in mid-April. After applications are received in February, they will be reviewed by the Donor and Programs Specialist to ensure applicants are eligible to apply and that the application is complete.

After applications are reviewed for eligibility and completion, they will be sent to the corresponding District VP, who will then score the application. Applications are evaluated on a points system with the first-time applicants moving to the top. All District VPs will score applications using the same rubric, which you can view HERE .

Preview the application before you begin

Begin your application