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Disaster Relief Grant

At the October 2005 Executive Council Meeting at AMA HQ in Muncie, Indiana, the Executive Council approved a new program designed to grant immediate financial assistance to AMA chartered clubs that have flying sites damaged by a disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, flooding, firestorm, etc. The grant is designed to assist clubs in clearing debris and/or making repairs so that the field is once again accessible and usable by club members. It is not designed to pay for repairs to structures or facilities that were not affected by the natural disaster.

NOTE: This is a grant, not a loan. You will not be required to repay AMA for this in the future.

Preview the application before you begin.

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Quick Reference:

Application Available:

Award Announced:
Within 2 weeks of application submission 

Maximum Award Amount:

Rachelle Haughn 

Donor and Programs Specialist


(765)287-1256, ext. 221


Submitting Your Application

To apply, please complete the online application with the required information and photos of the damage your site incurred. The application allows for these items to be attached electronically, but all items must be received before an award will be granted. The club is responsible for submitting this information.

Rachelle Haughn, the Donor and Programs Specialist, will review the application and will award the appropriate funds.


If you have additional questions, please contact:

Rachelle Haughn

Donor and Programs Specialist


(765)287-1256 ext. 221