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Club Recognition and Reward Grant

Receive cash recognition for public relations coverage/promotion of model aviation.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics encourages clubs across the country to take part in events and serve the community in ways that will entice community members to learn more about the hobby of model aviation. Becoming a vital part of your community will help your club build your membership and inspire others, including the youth in your community. To encourage clubs to promote model aviation, the AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage.

If your club has received publicity through the local media, you can submit the article, radio segment, or television clip and receive up to $175 for shining a light on model aviation.

*National Model Aviation Day events do not qualify for Club Recognition and Reward Grants.*

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Quick Reference:

Application Available:

Award Announced:
Within 2 weeks of application submission 

Minimum Award Amount:

Maximum Award Amount:

Rachelle Haughn 

Donor and Programs Specialist


(765)287-1256, ext. 221


Qualification Rules

  • The club must be a current AMA chartered club.
  • The coverage must include the club's name and information about model aviation.
  • Applications must be submitted within 3 months of the media coverage.
  • This program promotes earned media, not paid media. Ads purchased (or free) will not qualify.
  • Event coverage will only be recognized if the event is open to the public.
  • Clubs can apply several times throughout the year. Awards are based on a first-come, first-serve basis. When the allotted budget for the year is reached, awards will be discontinued for the year.
  • Clubs can be awarded a maximum of $175 per year.
  • Awards are based on the type of media coverage, not the frequency of coverage. For instance, two $50 awards will not be given for coverage in two different newspapers.

How Cash Awards Are Determined

Awards are based on the type of media coverage received. Newspaper and magazine coverage will receive $50, radio coverage will receive $100, and television coverage will receive $150. If coverage is published in more than one media outlet, the recipient will receive the highest payout award. For example, if a club is featured in the local newspaper, in a radio interview, and on television, it would receive $150 as long as the other qualification rules are followed.

NOTE: If a club has already received an award for the year, it may not receive the full award amount. Clubs can only receive $175 per year, no exceptions.

Receive An Extra $25

Clubs can receive up to $25 for one of the following:

  • The coverage includes the words "Academy of Model Aeronautics" spelled out or verbally said in the piece.
  • The event receiving recognition is a club fundraiser held to benefit a community organization.

NOTE: Only $25 can be earned in bonus cash. Bonus cash will only be given if the club has not exceeded the $175 maximum per club, per year.

Submitting Your Application

To apply, please complete the online application. Submit the form and verification of the publicity received by either including the original newspaper article, magazine article, tape, CD, or DVD of the radio airing or television broadcast. The application allows for these items to be attached electronically, but all items must be received before an award will be granted. The club is responsible for submitting this information.

Rachelle Haughn, the Donor and Programs Specialist, will review the application and will award the appropriate funds

Preview the application before you begin.

Begin your application.