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Scholarship Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Academy of Model Aeronautics scholarship program. The amount and number of scholarships awarded each year by the AMA depends upon the number of applicants and their qualifications. Endowments and scholarships for graduating high school seniors are distributed in various amounts on the basis of AMA modeling activities, scholastic and citizenship achievement. All applications are considered and evaluated by the AMA Scholarship Committee that makes a recommendation to the Executive Council, the AMA’s Board of Directors.

In choosing the recipients for the AMA/Charles H. Grant Scholarship Program, several important criteria are taken into consideration. The most desirable applicant is a graduating senior who is academically superior and is also a participant in many aspects of high school, modeling, and the community. The applicants are rated in several major categories, including grade point average and test results. High achievement in all of the categories is important for the maximum amount to be awarded to an individual. However, a person who is not at the top of his or her class may win a significant scholarship award if he or she is active in the community, in aeromodeling, or both. All facets of an applicant’s background are taken into consideration and a well-rounded person may well be more qualified than one who excels only in school grades or in modeling.

The following scholarships are each awarded to a single applicant. You will have the option at points of your application form to apply for either of the following for which you are eligible:

  • The Cliff & Nancy Telford Scholarship award ($5,000 value) is given annually to the individual with the best competitive record, based on participation in activities within the AMA and FAI classifications. All students - both graduating high school seniors and currently enrolled post-secondary students - are invited to apply.

If you are a graduating high school senior: 

  • The Ryan M. Sherrow Memorial Scholarship ($500 value) is based on a graduating high school senior’s overall involvement in the hobby of model aviation.

If you are a currently enrolled as a post secondary student: 

  • The Basil & Dorothy Cooper Memorial Scholarship ($500 value) is given annually to an individual applicant .

Begin your application.

Quick Reference

Application Available:
October 1, 2024

Final Application Deadline:
February 3, 2025

Award Announced:
Mid-Spring (after the second quarterly Executive Council meeting)

Minimum Award Amount:

Maximum Award Amount:

Gwen Mathis
Education Development Coordinator
(765) 287-1256, ext. 514


To be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must:

1) Have been an AMA member for 36 continuous months prior to the February 1st application deadline.*

2) Be graduating from high school in the year in which the award is granted.

3) Indicate an anticipated major or trade, as well as the colleges, universities, and or trade schools to which the applicant has applied.

To be considered, all applicants must submit their scores for SAT and/or ACT tests in the “Official Secondary School Report” section.

Note: All membership benefits begin on the day of receipt at AMA Headquarters of a properly completed member enrollment form and dues payment.

Submitting Your Application

Final applications must be submitted through the online application form by February 4, 2024. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. 

All scholarship applications require a report from an official at the applicant's high school. Remember to allow time for the necessary communication to ensure that this can be obtained.